May 26, 2011

Three Months

Posted by Mommy on at 6:26 pm

Weeble, It’s been three months now since we last saw you, kissed you, laughed with you, played with you, thought you would always be with us. Missing you hurts more than anything I ever dared to imagine. I still go down the hall and almost hope to find you asleep in your bed. Then I just lay down on your bed and cry. I know Jesus has a plan for all of us, but I don’t know what it is. I just love you and miss you and trust that we are still connected through Christ.

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  • Aunt Tricia

    I miss him every day, but watching Katie today made me miss our Weeble even more. He would love playing with her while you were doing lessons with the other kids. He would be showing her how to build with the blocks and he would be teaching her how to say different things. Listening to Heike talk about Easters past and how Weeble would have loved this Easter at his Aunt Tricia’s house was bittersweet. I know that the sharpness of this hurt will ease, and that we’ll learn how to live with the pain, but I don’t want to. I hate this and I wish I could take it away.