Sep 26, 2011

I Miss You

Posted by Mommy on at 10:24 pm

I miss you, Muffin. Sometimes the simplest thing, like Katie sitting in your booster seat, breaks my heart. Everything feels wrong without you here. The hole where you aren’t is enormous. You are such a nice boy, and I hate having to wonder what you would have done or said today. I hate missing your hugs and kisses. I hate singing our songs by myself. Katie went to her first Sunday School class yesterday, and you weren’t there to sit with her. I hate missing you.

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  • Daddy

    I miss you too, Weeble. I’m sure you are having fun in the best Sunday School classes ever! It was sad, but nice too, to see Katie in your old class. We have your star from the bulletin board. I didn’t check to see if Katie had one up there yet, but if not, she will soon.

    Save me a seat in class, OK?